Warmerise (episode 44) - SNiiP3Zz Tower custom map

Posted by TERMINATOR1000
Two platforms and towers. Custom map: SNiiP3Zz Tower. Made by: xKazuki. I will give ⭐⭐. This is his first custom map and this is the first version of it what is shown in the video. Before the video was released, a second version of the map was released. In the second version, the platforms have more space and so I gave it four stars. However, I would like a little more space for platforms and towers. If I understand correctly, this might be a map for his clan |[~SNiiP3Zz~]|. Good job.
Posted October 14, 2019 - Filed in Gameplay - #warmerise  #custom maps  #|[~SNiiP3Zz~]| 
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