Chicken Attack // Song Voyage // Japan // ft. Takeo Ischi

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Posted October 2, 2020 - 103 views
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TAKEO RETURNS- Chicken Pig Attack: Get the track so you can fight villains with chickens everywhere: FULL JAPAN EPISODE: All our songs & bts videos - Buy our new Christmas album: Next Episode of SONG VOYAGE - Wednesday, February 8th! Come back to see us bumble around AUSTRALIA! // Takeo Ischi, the greatest Chicken Yodeler the world has ever seen, returns to the Internet with a new addition to the oeuvre of Chicken Yodeling. // Created by Portal A ( and the Gregory Brothers Starring the Gregory Brothers: Andrew Gregory, Evan Gregory, Michael Gregory, Sarah Gregory Featured Artist: Takeo Ischi Also Starring: Aoshi, Ichiriki Yamamoto, Narashino Seiryukutsu, Tekubi Ashikubi Executive Producers: Nate Houghteling, Kai Hasson, Evan Bregman, Zach Blume, and the Gregory Brothers Directed by: Dan Eckman Written by: Jeremy Weiner, Lee Ellenberg Original Song by: The Gregory Brothers ft. Takeo Ischi Produced by Portal A Co-Producers: The Gregory Brothers Line Producer: Jeff Winkler Associate Producers: Jenny Leaf, Brendan Nahmias Consulting Producers: Meggie McFadden, D.C. Pierson Director of Photography: Graham Sheldon B-Cam/Sound/Swing: Rin Ehlers Editor: Jeff Striker, Brad Allen Wilde Assistant Editor: Jake Keller Visual Effects Artist: Tanner Merrill Graphics and Title Artist: Tess Hannel, Jake Keller Special Thanks: Chikayo Morijiri, Daijiro Yamamoto, Ryuzo Tsutsui #TakeoCinematicUniverse #ChickenAttack #SchmoCinematicUniverse
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