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Airwolf scared me

Posted by Dispater
First time he join spec . and now he want kick ?
Posted July 20
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  • agent743
    agent743 its true every greatest player beat him joins he leaves the server or kicks ppl coz he is sooo jealous of us being very better player to him
    July 20
  • KhyZ
    KhyZ airfarm always so arrogant just because he farms xp to top 1 lol, as i said xp doesnt measure skill it only measures how long you play this game
    July 20
  • AgileHunter
    AgileHunter Yes i win dispater
    July 21
  • AgileHunter
    AgileHunter Anterez you are whrite i sey it in comment (xp dont mean you pro or you are top 1 in everything, like aiirwolf. Hi think hi is top 1 in everything when i beat him)
    July 21