nature scares me

Posted June 3, 2021 - 205 views
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what is this well technically he is a plant predator ngl It's April Fool's Day so this exists but I always just do the obvious joke stuff the lighting is awful and too bright but that might fit for an awful and cursed video CRINGE TIME I once made a random session with Glitchtrap looking like this and consuming grass (don't ask-) but I've decided to animate more out of this now I feel like the last April Fools Day video was something that caused most people to find my channel which is what I'm extremely thankful for because I defintely didn't expect it to become one of my most viewed videos --------------------------------------------------------------- The audio is from this BBC Earth video where Attenborough talks about a sloth: Glitchtrap HW port by SMP73 and MG on Steam Mr.Hippo by Chuiza: HDRI 8K Skydomes: mars-5200 (porting) Random Things (help for porting) Plants & Rocks: from [FR] nighty on Steam Grass for Scenebuilds (High Quality) Original Model on sfmlab by lordaardvark a port from someone on the Steam workshop Single Simple Leaf from Gonk and Panelata on Steam
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