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Warmerise (Red VS Blue) Episode 7: How to be bad in warmerise

Posted by Lion7
Hey guys, havent played in weeks. Thats why I did very poorly. I more or less only recorded this match because I was asked to do so. Please enjoy my bad gameplay :D
Posted January 21 - Filed in Gameplay
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  • acbd2134
    acbd2134 and they did nothing on mine but u got more likes and comments on ur its like everybody is ignoring me now
    January 21
  • kronoschmp
    kronoschmp Although you were rusty the tomahawk throws were quite cool. were you trying to get just head shots?
    January 21
  • Lion7
    Lion7 Honestly I tried to get a kill not a specific hs or so :c the issue is I have connection issues that's why I rarly play Andy aim is just not there. But if I play more again I would do better
    January 21 - 1 likes this
  • Aurora322
    Aurora322 idc if ur bad bcz I'm worse.

    I'm no enemy but I want to be friends someday. P.S can u be my tutor
    January 22