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  • November 27, 2019 12:36 PM PST
    xPatriot said:

    Roesko said: I know that but I don’t know (care) what else to call it and I don’t really give a ****.

    It is called blender, it says so multiple times.

    Did you miss the part about me not giving a ****?
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    November 27, 2019 5:56 PM PST

    Dude, If you want skin templates I can give them to you, all you have to do is ask.

  • December 6, 2019 6:03 AM PST

    Hey RaMe, is it possible to create new weapons, or edit weapons for a higher polycount and submit them as plugins for the game?  I've been using blender for a while, and could convert the .blend to .obj for Unity.  Just curious to know whether or not that's possible.


  • December 6, 2019 6:16 AM PST

    Roesko said: And I tried using an image off the Internet and guess what? It didn’t work.


    Pal, you need to download the image.  Either that or create your own, (Not that hard, google can help you with that) or go to Pinterest and download a texture file there.  If you're lucky, you can even find a bumpmap for the gun as well for better light reflection/refraction.  If you somehow don't even get the thing I said above, go to node editor, (Above the timetable, to the far left) and enable nodes while in cycles rendering.  Right click and find shaders.  From there, you can build a skin, either using bumpmapping, Material texturing, UV projected or baked texturing, or even just a simple setup of three nodes.  (RGB shader, Mix shader or Gamma shader, Output.  [Output is not considered a node.])  The more nodes you use, and the combinations that you develop, will either improve or degrade the material.  For example, if you are doing a rust texture, without a bump,  (Suggesting a bumpmap here)  you would use a few variable shaders along with lighting, RGB, Noise emit node, gamma node, and around three to five mathmatical nodes.  Not that hard.  Just play with it for a bit and you'll make a new skin, based off of your preference.  


    (Note, use Gimp for creating custom Jpgs, bumpmaps, and materials for blender.  Bit of a learning curve, but absolutly worth it.  Gimp is free and can be found almost anywhere.  I know this because I have it, and because I develop games, images, photography, and random projects with Blender and Gimp alone.)

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    February 13, 2020 10:32 AM PST

    what if you can't downlaod software such as if you where using a chromebook ect?

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    June 2, 2020 3:59 PM PDT

    i have a less complex way to do this

  • June 22, 2020 5:12 AM PDT


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    August 31, 2020 12:38 PM PDT

    Thanks bro, I had no idea how to make skins, and this helped A LOT

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    October 6, 2020 12:41 AM PDT

    thx bro ım carbine skin

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    October 6, 2020 2:38 PM PDT

    xFight said:

    thx bro ım carbine skin

    hi carbine skin am Chapo hi bro

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    October 6, 2020 3:09 PM PDT

    xChapo said:

    xFight said:

    thx bro ım carbine skin

    hi carbine skin am Chapo hi bro

    Hi guys im noob

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    October 15, 2020 12:05 AM PDT

    this needs to be update the new blender has changed alot

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    November 3, 2020 9:55 AM PST

    thanks for help