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Best way to earn ingame cash?

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    December 26, 2018 9:54 AM PST
    Yes. Get a job, get paid, buy cash packs.
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    December 28, 2018 11:45 AM PST

    omega212 said:

    any money cheats tho?

    I have free RAM.. I'll send it over E-MAIL.. I need your SSN.

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    January 20, 2019 10:40 PM PST

     TEXT BLOCK WARNING: the best strategy for sniper is to not move unless you are being shot at, try to blend in with your enviroment... i just realize that the best strategy for each class is how it will be done irl... but yeah i dont use smg so i cant tell you much on that. blastgun and minigun are both great at destroying vehicles, minigun because it does about 10 damage a shot, 10 shots a second (by my count) and a 100 bullet clip size, adding up to 200 shots altogether, able to kill 2 cars or 20 people. blast gun does 20 to 40 damage a shot and has a 35 clip size adding up to 175 (i think). it also has a very fast fire rate, allowing it to easily kill people for quick xp. the shotgun requires you to get up close but some people choose to shotgun snipe to get assist kills (1 xp for those). the total xp per kills are ranked as so: assist (1) kill (5) headshot kill (10) explosion kill (side note: only counts if they are killed in the explosion of a vehicle, 35) you get the same amount of xp as cash, but xp cannot be spent and is kind of a total cash accumulated by kills. the melees are very useful, the katana has a slower fire rate but has longer range and insta kills. the knife is in between kata and brass, insta kills, short range and medium fire rate, the brass knuckles does 51 damage (you can get 0 hp in this game, it only counts as a death if it goes in negatives) unless its a headshot, meaning it instead does 101 damage, thus killing the player. the additional weapons are fired with v, and can be changed in the control options. the plasma grenade (i refer to this as sticky most of the time) is best used in wide open maps where you cannot acess the other teams side or there is a choke point (such as a door) that is a common starting line (where the teams first meet). the trapmine is best used around tight bends, when someone is chasing you (this will attract a lot of attention though), or behind closed doors, basically whenever someone is forced into a tight area (also on ladders when being chased and they are at the bottom, the trapmine will instantly fall to the nearest ground directly below the spawn point). the m67. how all noobs hate this and pros love this, the opposite of the sticky, bouncing off any surface once and blowing up 1 second later or after being in the air for about 10 seconds, great for throwing around curves or into crowds. i recently got the tomahawk and i dont know how to use it very well but it will instakill most of the time, bounce off walls twice or in the air for 30 seconds (where it will then stick to the nearest surface). the secondary weapons: the secondary weapons are reached by tapping 2 on the keyboard, to switch back hit 2 again. dont ask me how the pulse pistol works, havent used it that much, nor any of the other weapons there really. the usb is just a worse version of the revolver, but with more ammo and ammo cap. the revolver is very versatile leading it to be the most used secondary there is, the best advice i can say is that you can snipe with it, but try to get up close and spam it, after making sure you have ammo. gravity gun i dont own but know how to use. you want to try to keep the beam subtle or else your position will be alerted to other players. do not try to use it to kill others in any circumstances but you will find you will accidentaly do this often. suits and capes, both just vanity items that mainly rich people or people who buy cash use to show off. the upgrade should only be used if you have a reliable source of money flowing in. lol quite the ramble there, but i hope this helps influence your decisions

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    January 26, 2019 5:55 AM PST

    Also ram into people with the humvees, and get as meny headshot wiht L11A3 as possible. You can also blow up a vehicle and get 35+ xp

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    February 6, 2019 5:28 PM PST

    1. Discover your play-style

    Every player has there own play-style. You can find your's based on your skills and your flaws. What are you good at doing? What do you need help with?

    For example: My play-style is rushing in full force with the G36 and Tomahawks. My flaw is getting sniped from far-range or getting hit by a hummer on hummer maps.

    2. Choose a gun type

    Pick up different guns to test them out. If you're good at camping from far away or up high you should probably use a sniper. If you happen to be one of the rushers, like myself, you'd be best with an automatic weapon.

    For example: Sky players often stick back by their base (especially if on blue team) and snipe from a distance.

    3. Learn to counter enemies

    If you're getting rushed and can't use your regular style, you get frustrated and can't fight back easily. That's why you should learn how to counter the other team. If they rush you with powerful automatics like the G36 or Carbine, go in a corner and use a shield (you'd need upgrades) if you have to. If they have an RPG, you can see it coming and avoid taking much damage.

    For example: If they rush you with automatics, grab an automatic yourself!

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    February 13, 2019 1:31 PM PST

    To me, pretty much these things:

    - Play A LOT, and I mean alot! This gives you a reason to play and it most likey can make you a better player and aim better, etc.

    - Pick a type of gun you like most and stick to that for a while. If you enjoy sniping enemies, pick a sniper gun like the L115A3 (default sniper), or PlasmaGun, or RailRifle. Practice, practice, practice with it! Aim for headshots most of the time, learn how to scope and aim effectively, and ALWAYS keep moving! It makes you a "Sitting duck (haha get it! Reference! :D)", if you just stand still all the time and it easier for you to be killed this way. If you enjoy autofire guns, try to pick one for you that balances the best between firerate, damage it does, and if you like it enough. Try things out to see what you are most comfortable with.

    - If you just want everything as quick as possible or you do not mind spending a little bit of real life money, then actually use the store to buy ingame cash. Seriously, like 5 dollars for 50K. That is not that much to me at all. If you get any extra money through gift cards, have a job, allowance, through paypal, whatever, it won't hurt to spend a little bit to get something you really want to use/want. Plus it helps support Max, for his life and I am sure it makes him more dedicated to do things for this game as well!

    Anyways, I think that is good enough for now xD