• PBVN

    Bring back TheIsland2016 and IceWar???

    Posted by PBVN 5 hours ago - 1 vote - 3 views
    Please step up to the plate and support our favorite maps!!! Member presence is dwindling!!!!
  • imarat

    Modded bio (50 cash)

    Posted by imarat Wed at 12:40 PM - 4 votes - 5 views
    Want a modded bio?(not hacked) friend and dm me for it, also 50 cash if u want to buy
  • XVulcanizerX

    Which Gun Should I Buy?

    Posted by XVulcanizerX Wed at 3:00 AM - 16 votes - 20 views
    Which Gun Should I Buy? Vote here!
  • Sloooom


    Posted by Sloooom Tue at 10:26 AM - 8 votes - 17 views
    me is :
  • GameOnKek


    Posted by GameOnKek Tue at 4:33 AM - 6 votes - 11 views
    Ok... Today i saw vide where you can earn 23 dollars in 5 min. Its real. But the video is on ukrainian soo... But if u want for i tell you that method vote(you must be my friend) P.S can someone send me cash. Just for grav. Thx
  • XVulcanizerX

    Turning Upside Down

    Posted by XVulcanizerX Tue at 12:50 AM - 1 vote - 9 views
    s3pnu pu3s (Turn Your Head Upside Down)
  • eynnn

    Clan names ideas

    Posted by eynnn Mon at 9:42 AM - 18 votes - 42 views
    I need you guys to help me get a good clan name
  • Erlaanz

    Should Max provide us each our own egirl?

    Posted by Erlaanz November 27 - 10 votes - 51 views
    As a communist I support the idea of the government providing the basic needs for us, so it shouldn't be any different in Warmerise. Max, who can be considered the leader of the game, should provide each one of us our very own egirl. Do you support the idea?
  • XVulcanizerX

    Roasting Test

    Posted by XVulcanizerX November 27 - 9 votes - 47 views
    I want you to roast as hard as you can!

    Which should I buy??

    Posted by THEVETERAN November 26 - 17 votes - 22 views
    So I have 53k Cash, what things I buy?? And if it's not in the list, white it in the comments :D