• FugaziXIII

    What your favorite crime show

    Posted by FugaziXIII May 17 - 9 votes - 46 views
    I got curious
  • morphinedenis13

    Пацаны, вопросец возник

    Posted by morphinedenis13 May 17 - 3 votes - 18 views
    Здарова, лесная братва. Вот играю я в Вармеризе и думаю: сука, когда я блять накоплю на волыну нормальную? Лавэшка копится кое-как. Может есть какой взлом, шоб ломануть игрулю и мани забрать? Поцыки, помогите с вопросом
  • jnconiejos

    hey i am gona use a pic profile

    Posted by jnconiejos May 16 - 8 votes - 68 views
    hi i am gano use a pic at my files and there are 4profiles pic i am gano use it intel the end of may i am gona comment in the and of may if dis pic get three dog or cat etc i am gona use it
  • hgfhegfh

    What Should I Buy ?

    Posted by hgfhegfh May 15 - 28 votes - 66 views
    What Should I Buy ?
  • Samaya


    Posted by Samaya May 15 - 9 votes - 51 views
    Is there anything about warmerise that you would like to see go back to the way it was before? (example: grav with ammo, Only fpv. etc)
  • wooooo

    OMG, what happened to virgil?

    Posted by wooooo May 15 - 8 votes - 34 views
    So I was ****** this chick right, and I said geez louise, this *** is the bomb diggity! She kicked me out, so I grabbed a cucumber and peeled it using another cucumber and then used them to make a tipi. I lit the tipi on fire using a magnifying glass and some lube and then used it to fire up the ol' bong. After smoking hella fruit loop cereal I ended up on the floor of a stolen amulance in teh mid
  • shlongzedong

    Long Shlong Style

    Posted by shlongzedong May 15 - 3 votes - 8 views
    According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee should be > able to fly. > Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground. > The bee, of course, flies anyway because bees don't care what humans > think is impossible. > Yellow, black. Yellow, black. Yellow, black. Yellow, black. > Ooh, black and yellow! > Let's shake it up a little. > Barry! Breakfast is ready! > C
  • jnconiejos

    why do eveybody is stelling my line called EEE

    Posted by jnconiejos May 15 - 4 votes - 29 views
    DO NOT STELL MY FAV LINE in the end of a game you players keep stelling my line and stop do not use da word three EEE IN THE GAME IS OVER
  • Xniceplayer


    Posted by Xniceplayer May 15 - 6 votes - 27 views
  • GhostGamer15


    Posted by GhostGamer15 May 15 - 6 votes - 21 views