• foxland2022

    Should we start a Demonstration ?

    Posted by foxland2022 February 2 - 5 votes - 70 views
    Ehem.. The reason i asked this question, is.. well, i dont want this game to be DED. also, YESH i knowh that Demonstration is a negative activity that can cause problems. A BIG BIG BIG WAR D: And i came back, as you know i actually quited before. to restart my memory.. (Amnesia a lil bit. ONLY A LIL BIT) I'mma continue at da comment. Read comment before u misunderstanding things.
  • davidghost2121


    Posted by davidghost2121 February 2 - 16 votes - 60 views
    should i return my gravity gun for another gun
  • Samvel2024YoutubeGaming

    who wants to grind cash?

    Posted by Samvel2024YoutubeGaming January 30 - 42 votes - 150 views
    grinding for cash
  • Glitchmaster

    15-20k giveaway continuation (maybe)

    Posted by Glitchmaster January 30 - 13 votes - 180 views
    ok so few days ago i made a 15-20k giveaway and i canceled it bcz when i was buying the cazh it only made me use paypal and i dont have paypal bc i canceled my paypal acc. so today imma try it out again to see if my paypal acc works or create a new one, and it if works, im buying 250k cazh, and im giving 15-20k. forget theres only a CHANCE it works. comment to participate
  • Kyushu

    Who would win a 1v1 REMAKE

    Posted by Kyushu January 29 - 17 votes - 160 views
    Inesop (zentorno) vs Axiira
  • artem228

    what should I save for?

    Posted by artem228 January 28 - 7 votes - 70 views
  • Blake123

    Cash for Trip mine

    Posted by Blake123 January 24 - 5 votes - 80 views
    I need 4.5 cash for trip mine so I will even take spare change.
  • Glitchmaster

    15-20k giveaway

    Posted by Glitchmaster January 23 - 14 votes - 250 views
    wsp guys so im buying 600k cazh tmr OR day after tmr to buy all the weapons in wamerise and i calculated and ill still have 20-25k left so im doing giveaway for it !Comment to participate! !The money will be split by the number of ppl who r participating so if 20 ppl comment im giving 1k to each!
  • Pleyer543

    had shot

    Posted by Pleyer543 January 22 - 11 votes - 80 views
  • foxland2022

    I Wanna try make a new map

    Posted by foxland2022 January 19 - 3 votes - 80 views
    But are u sure GitHub is safe for mah 10 Windows Laptop? i searched gulugulu they say it is not secure but can be made through the use of tools and best practices. i am scared if there will be viruses in my laptop when i download it ;-;. Are you sure it is safe?