Walidog fake 1v1 expoze

Posted December 1, 2023 - 37 views
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So today we roasted walidog on discord and 5 min later i saw this server, obviously i immediately got Imhotep/Hellscream flashbacks and decided to record this. Yes reportedly I am 1v1ing on that server at the time of this recording, wish me luck :3 Some lowlife bot would really go this far to make his "career" relevant, i hope you are proud of your fake 1v1 win, flex that ss on discord while you can wali
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  • EpicTr0ll
    EpicTr0ll https://prnt.sc/sv0ScNmGwbHe in fact i havent played today, my stats didnt change. Keep this in mind next time you create fake screens against someone
    December 1, 2023
  • EpicTr0ll
    EpicTr0ll https://prnt.sc/u9U4_EtCh4UT Axe talking **** over his friends fake ss on dc. Do you think he was involved?
    December 1, 2023